Fans of the Fab Four were in for a treat at MOMA Machynlleth on Friday, 26 May, when Beatles Complete presented a night jam-packed with massive hits from probably the most influential band of all time.

This Liverpool-based ‘beat combo’ were the youngest ever Beatles band to gain a residency at the Cavern Club in Liverpool where they still perform every Thursday and Saturday, packing the club out and creating a unique Beatles vibe.

The young musician performing as Paul McCartney is just 16! His fellow musicians are not much older – ‘George’ is 18, ‘Ringo’, 19 and ‘John, ‘20’! All four members are accomplished multi-instrumentalists allowing them to span right across The Beatles’ recording history, from Please Please Me right through to Let It Be.

Having performed at International Beatleweek for the last two years running, the lads have been invited to return again for 2023 and it is easy to see why. They are also taking their show to theatres across the UK for the first time, and I am so glad I booked a ticket.

As MOMA’s website said, this was “a night not to be missed”. Right from the start of the show, this fab four excelled at every Beatles song, thanks to their musical prowess, boundless energy and easy Liverpool wit. The Beatles were a phenomena in musical history, Beatles Complete remind you why. They sound, move and play like the original band and, thanks to some excellent wigs, even have a look of the group,

I enjoyed this young band’s show so much that I am seriously thinking of becoming a groupie and following Beatles Complete around the country. I hope they return to the area soon.

The Beatles Complete at MOMA Machynlleth
The Beatles Complete at MOMA Machynlleth (Julie McNicholls Vale)