A beaver released into the Dyfi three years ago has been put down this week after being found with ‘substantial injuries’.

In 2021, Bedw became the first female to be part of a habitat restoration project in a seven acre reserve at Cors Dyfi Reserve and Observatory near Machynlleth.

She came from Scotland with her mate and son Barti and Byrti, before producing another kit at the reserve.

However this month Bedw, who is usually monitored in spring for signs of pregnancy, was spotted looking worse for ware.

Instead of disappearing into her lodge to give birth and tend to her young, she continued to appear, searching for high energy, easy food to eat, looking ‘disheveled and thin’ with her condition worsening.

She was monitored and eventually captured for inspection with a vet.

Dyfi Wildlife Centre wrote: “Working with advice from the Welsh Beaver Project and Beaver Trust... it became clear she was carrying several substantial injuries which were infected.

“Having carefully assessed her injuries under general anaesthetic, the vet informed us that her injuries were too significant for her to carry on and recommended euthanasia.

“With a heavy heart, we have followed the vetenarian's advice.

“Bedw was put to sleep before coming out of anesthesia.” The centre continues to monitor the remaining beavers. There was no sign that Bedw was pregnant or feeding young.

Beavers had been extinct in Wales for 400 years due to hunting, before being brought back to ‘restore the wetland ecosystem and enrich it’s biodiversity’.