A BID to keep a ‘once in a lifetime’ Bronze Age hoard in Ceredigion is seeking support.

The Friends of Ceredigion Museum are seeking support to keep what is described as a “nationally important hoard of Bronze Age metalwork” in the county.

The find of more than 50 bronze tools, weapons and body ornaments was made by metal detectorists Craig Hearne and Kieran Slade in Llangeitho in 2020.

The haul was declared as treasure by a coroner, with the opportunity given to purchase the hoard for £4,200.

The Friends of Ceredigion Museum said it has “resolved to raise the funds necessary to ensure that the treasure remains in Ceredigion.”

Carrie Canham, Curator of Ceredigion Museum said: “We’re very excited at the prospect of keeping these unique and hugely important finds in Ceredigion.

“The hoard offers an important opportunity to glean more information about our prehistoric ancestors and we congratulate the Friends of Ceredigion Museum on their tireless efforts to keep this unique treasure in Ceredigion.”

Bronwen Morgan, President of the Friends of Ceredigion Museum, said: “It is a treasure in the true sense of the word, and we are anxious to keep this treasure in Ceredigion.

“We will do all that we can to raise the funds to ensure that we and the generations to come can preserve, see, and appreciate our heritage in Ceredigion.

“These items have been in Ceredigion for about 3,000 years and we will now try and make sure that they remain here.”