Post box toppers have started popping up all over the country in the last two years, and Criccieth is proud of its collection.

They are part of Criccieth Town Council’s creative community work under the Cricieth Creadigol Creative Criccieth banner, which has received national recognition with a Creative Lives Award in 2021 and a shortlisting in 2022.

The town is fortunate to have a talented group of people who give their time to create them for the enjoyment of the local community, tourists and thousands of people on social media.

The group has lots of fun planning and sharing ideas for creating new toppers, which are a combination of crochet and knitting and are inspired by a theme, the seasons or an event.

A number of post box toppers have beautified the town since 2022. They bring pleasure to those who create them and those who see them. Recently the Criccieth toppers with an Eisteddfod theme welcomed visitors to the Llŷn.

One of the toppers in town is a tribute to the RNLI. Brian has received worldwide attention reaching millions of people since he first appeared on the post box at the junction between Castle Street and Tanygrisiau Terrace last October, with 55,000 likes and shares on the UK Postbox Toppers and More Facebook page, not to mention other sites. The site’s administrator say Brian’s reach is incredible, far ahead of any other post.

The Royal Mail say they appreciate the passion of those who create the toppers and have no problem with them as long as they do not prevent people the posting or collecting of items. Local postman Michael Williams is delighted with the toppers.

He said: “It’s great to see the toppers which draw so many people’s attention to the post boxes.

“I often get people asking about them and who created them, usually with a phone in hand and a big smile on their face ready to take Brian’s picture. They are extremely clever, and the detail in the design is fantastic. Brian stands on one of the most iconic places in Criccieth with the sea and mountains in the background one way, and the castle, an ice cream shop and a chip shop the other way, so almost every visitor who comes to Criccieth sees him!”

Margaret Rees who knitted Brian said: “Because of those he represents Brian has touched the hearts of many. The spectacular view has prompted thousands to comment on the wonderful times they have spent in Criccieth. Bringing smiles and happy memories to people is very rewarding.”

Ifer Gwyn who volunteers with the Criccieth RNLI said: “The crew have taken Brian almost as one of the crew by now. It is great to see the appreciation of our efforts and the role the RNLI plays in the community. Also, the fine craftsmanship is something to marvel at.”

Sarah Davidson added: “As a volunteer in the Criccieth RNLI Shop and also one who contributes to Creative Criccieth I am proud to hear the lovely comments made by our visitors when they see Brian the RNLI post box topper. The thousands of likes he has attracted on Facebook could easily be doubled just by passers-by who smile and take photos of him.”

Iago and Ifer Gwyn, members of Criccieth's RNLI Rescue Team, pose with Brian
Iago and Ifer Gwyn, members of Criccieth's RNLI Rescue Team, pose with Brian (Picture supplied)