If you're a coffee lover, you may have already stumbled upon Aber Coffee, a small-batch coffee company located in the seaside town of Aberystwyth.

Founded by Rob Groocock and Matt Wilby in September 2021, the coffee duo have experienced rapid growth over the last 12 months.

When Rob and Matt first launched their coffee venture, their primary focus was on providing home baristas with the option to purchase individual bags of their blends, selecting either 227g or 1kg bags through their website. Notably, the pair handled the majority of deliveries themselves, ensuring a personal touch and fostering a strong connection with their local customers.

Aberystwyth Coffee Company
Rob Groocock and Matt Wilby founded Aberystwyth Coffee Company in 2021 (Picture supplied)

As the popularity of Aber Coffee soared, they shifted their online platform towards offering subscription coffee, where customers can use a super flexible subscription builder to select preferred flavours for blends, and set up deliveries as frequently as needed. 

As word of mouth spread, Aber Coffee expanded into the wholesale market and has secured great partnerships with The National Library of Wales, Y Gornel, and Pwdin. Over the last few months, its reach has extended far beyond Aberystwyth, with customers as far as Australia and America seeking out coffee blends as gifts for friends and family.

Aberystwyth Coffee Company
The company now has customers as far afield as Australia and America (Picture supplied)

Nonetheless, Rob and Matt's dedication and local touch are ever-present today. In a world dominated by generic coffee chains and mass-produced blends, Aberystwyth Coffee Company stands out as a true gem. The team’s genuine enthusiasm, love for the town, and commitment to delivering a personalised coffee experience have firmly established them as significant players in the coffee market.

Whether you're a resident of Aberystwyth or a coffee lover from afar, Aberystwyth Coffee Company offers a taste of the town and a sip of its beauty in every cup.

How it works…

1) Personalise: Use our 'build your own' tool to select flavours and customise your subscription.

2) Delight: Receive your curated coffee, brew your favourite cup, and enjoy.

3) Relax: Rest assured, your next batch is already on its way.

For more information about Aberystwyth Coffee Company, go to their website at abercoffee.co.uk