The electricity network across mid and north Wales has been upgraded to allow for the rollout of electric vehicle charge points.

SP Energy Networks says it has completed major upgrades to the electricity network across mid and north Wales, paving the way for the rollout of rapid EV charging across the region.

In collaboration with Welsh Government and Transport for Wales, SP Energy Networks has created additional electricity capacity for EV chargers to serve major roads, commuter hubs and tourist locations across Wales.

This investment will help make low carbon car journeys accessible for more people, by giving EV users confidence in making long journeys across mid and north Wales.

It will also provide a huge boost to achieving Welsh Government’s low carbon transport ambitions, including the installation of up to 4,000 rapid EV chargers by 2030.

With a climate emergency declared by Welsh Government in 2019 and the ban on petrol and diesel cars approaching, future proofing the electricity network to support EV charging rollout has never been more important

SP Energy Networks Manweb director Liam O’Sullivan said: “We’ve worked closely with our partners to identify more than 20 sites that will benefit from new infrastructure for EV charge points, which will really make a difference to those commuting and travelling through mid and north Wales.

“By taking a forward-looking approach and delivering ahead of need, the Green Recovery Investment project ensures capacity is available as people make the move to low carbon technologies like electric vehicles and heat pumps.”

Lee Waters, Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Climate said: “It is crucial that we work with the private sector to develop charging infrastructure and we are grateful to SP Energy Networks for their work in delivering major upgrades to the electricity network.”

By making visitor destinations in rural Wales more accessible to EV owners, it is hoped that footfall at local businesses and tourist destinations will be increased and that local economies will benefit. And the work required to bring charging facilities to these sites is making sure local supply chains can benefit and play their part too.

Eight of the sites have also been selected in collaboration with Transport for Wales, to ensure that rural commuters can access EV charging at transport hubs in local towns.