A new recording label is looking for fresh Dyfi Valley talent.

Recordiau Bing is celebrating its launch by creating a compilation album of the valley's hottest musical talent.

They're looking for musicians from the Powys area to come and record original songs in Stiwdio Bing for a Now! That’s What I Call Music! style album of mid-Wales' greatest hits.

The aim is to showcase local talent with a 'live feel' album complete with live lounge filmed sessions published on their YouTube channel.

Rhydian Meilir, the musician who started Stiwdio Bing in Cemmaes Road, Powys, seven years ago, said: "There is a lot of talent in this area, but I feel it hasn’t really been reflected in the form of a compilation album by anyone up till now.

"I feel passionate about trying to create some kind of a new music scene in the area- we're awakening a sleeping giant!" Rhydian, 38, is hoping to record with more musicians at his studio along with leading Welsh bands: "I want to promote more local talent so that residents can have a central music hub in the Dyfi Valley." To join the making of the first Dyfi Valley compilation album, contact stiwdiobing.cymru on [email protected].