Calls to reopen Co-op doors

By James Davies   |   Reporter   |
Saturday 21st May 2022 1:07 pm
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a CAMPAIGN has been launched calling for a Machynlleth supermarket to reopen their main entrance after people with disabilities say have trouble accessing the store.

The Co-op store in Machynlleth is facing backlash after concerns have been raised regarding its disabled access due to its main entrance has been blocked to reportedly “reduce shoplifting.”

A petition has been launched calling on the supermarket to reverse this decision and has already gained more than 400 signatures.

Cassian Lodge (they/them), creator of the petition, lives with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic condition that causes the body to produce faulty collagen, resulting in fatigue, joint pain, and more frequent dislocations and subluxations.

They have said that this change to the shop’s entrance has made it much more difficult to go shopping as they had to use the back door.

“As I have mobility difficulties, whether I’m on foot or in my wheelchair it is much more difficult to go all the way around to the back door by the car park, so I had been looking forward to the Co-op opening the front door again once pandemic restrictions lifted.” They said.

Mx Lodge explained that the entrance has now been blocked by a number of planters.

“Last week I noticed that not only had they not opened the front door, but there was a new large Mach Maethlon (Edible Mach) planter in front of the door, showing that they had no intention of ever opening the front door again.”

Mx Lodge is not the only person frustrated by the move by the supermarket to crack down on shoplifting, as their petition asking for the front door to be reopened has received well over 400 signatures.

“I am annoyed that they’re taking a lazy approach to shoplifting prevention at the expense of disabled customers, elderly customers, and parents pushing prams.

“I don’t think we should have to work harder and have to deal with more pain and fatigue while prioritising drivers. It feels discriminatory, and it discourages travelling to the Co-op by more eco-friendly means. When you have limited ability to walk and you don’t or can’t drive, every metre makes a difference,” they said.

The Cooperative has been asked for comment.

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