CAMPAIGNERS have welcomed the news that a former school is up for sale, giving the community the chance to buy it.

Chair of Cribyn’s Cymdeithas Clotas, Alan Henson, described the announcement from Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet to sell the old school building as ‘very good news’, as it meant it could now be purchased for the community.

“We can get things really moving now,” said Alan.

“Within the next month the council will have moved all they’re presently storing there out.

“Our architect can then start making proper plans for adapting the main building into a purposeful and attractive community centre and turning the former school house into an affordable home for a local family.”

Since the beginning of the new year, Ysgol Cribyn’s Development Officer, Elliw Dafydd, has been preparing the project’s next big step: the launch of Cymdeithas Fudd Ysgol Cribyn (Community Benefit Society).

Elliw said: “Now that Ceredigion has released the building we can go ahead with the campaign to sell community shares so that everyone has a chance to become co-owners of this important asset.”

Elliw will also be helping the people of Cribyn to win financial backing from the various bodies that offer support to community projects. ‘The council has given us 6 months to establish the purchase process. That means we need to get things moving if we want to see this exciting project succeed’ said Elliw.

The steering group’s next move is to hold a visioning session as part of this year’s Ffair Sant Silin celebrations (Saturday, 10 February).

Alan added: “Whilst remembering our village’s patron saint, the architect’s initial drawings will be in the school as a spur to our ideas as to what sort of centre we want Ysgol Cribyn to be.

“It will also be an opportunity for us to congratulate Ceredigion’s officers and councillors on their decision – one destined, hopefully, to open a new, vibrant chapter in Cribyn’s long history.”