THE 102nd birthday of one the few living RAF veterans from the Second World War has been celebrated with a presentation from the RAF at her home near Cardigan.

Pauline Penrose served in the RAF from 1942 to 1945 working as a Plotter.

These were the women tasked with tracking enemy aircraft approaching the British coast so RAF fighters could be scrambled to attack them.

Pauline Penrose
Pauline Penrose in wartime (RAF)

The 102-year-old is one of only a handful of RAF veterans from the Second World War left in Wales.

She was presented with an arrangement of flowers by the Commanding Officer of Number 614 (County of Glamorgan) Squadron, the only RAF Reserves unit in Wales. He was joined by two other members of the squadron.

Pauline’s son Rod said she was delighted to be visited by members of the RAF today (Thursday).

"Mum has many fond memories of her time in the RAF and it's been wonderful to see Wg Cdr Walker here today with colleagues from his squadron."

World War 2 plotters
WAAF plotters during World War Two (RAF)

After joining the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) and training at Innsworth in Gloucestershire, Corporal Penrose was originally based at Hornchurch, a fighter station in Essex which was at the heart of the air defence of London and the South-East of England. She served with 11 Group which spearheaded the fight for supremacy in the air during the Battle of Britain and beyond. At this time, she often had to dodge enemy air attacks and while on leave at her home nearby, narrowly missed injury in an air raid on her street which destroyed houses, killing her neighbours.

Before enlisting, Pauline had worked as a draughtswoman and after joining the RAF her talent was recognised and she was tasked with the exacting job of drawing the large maps of southern England on the plotting table used to show the location of enemy aircraft.

Such was her skill she was later tasked with creating enormous maps covering the North Sea, English Channel and UK coast for Air Sea Rescue operations which would enable downed aircrew to be picked up.

Wg Cdr Walker added: "It's been a real honour and an absolute privilege to come here today and see Pauline on her special day. We owe such a debt of gratitude to her for her service in the RAF during the war and I'm really thrilled that we were able to see her to mark her 102nd birthday."