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Corris Railway Gala Day

SUNDAY, 26 May began unpromisingly for the Corris Railway on its annual Gala Day but turned into a date to remember in the revival of the narrow gauge line.

The day began with steady fine rain falling and when the first train departed Corris station for Maespoeth Junction with a single passenger aboard, hopes were not high amongst the volunteer workforce. However by the time another hour had passed the weather was improving steadily and things had got considerably busier. The trains around the lunchtime period were leaving Corris with every seat occupied and passengers were waiting patiently for the next departure, many looking around the railway’s museum whilst others visited the village café.

Car parking capacity was virtually full and thanks go to Corris School, which is adjacent to the railway, for making their car park available. By the time of next year’s Gala construction of another carriage should have been completed by the volunteer workforce and visitors were able to see progress on this vehicle.

The number of passengers who wished to travel meant that the planned timetable had to be changed and two scheduled demonstration freight trains were cancelled in favour of running more passenger services. Things did ease off in the afternoon but passengers still arrived to travel on the last two trains of the day along what was now a sunlit valley.

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