Community in the coastal village of Borth have taken it upon themselves to transform a local eyesore into art.

The 'Borth Wall' project sprung from local angst against a grey crumbling concrete wall that obscures beach views on a walkway to the beach.

With the owners' permission, volunteer group the Jam Pot has rallied volunteers and local artist 'Bodge' to transform the wall.

All the group needs now is a wad of cash to give it a splash of colour.

They have set up a GoFundMe to raise the £900 estimated to cover the wall and turn it into a cherished mural.

Fundraiser organiser Catriona Yule wrote: "Whether you are living here or visiting the area, we invite you to support this exciting new project.

"The old Leri Garage area (opposite Oriel Adrift Gallery) desperately needs transformation, and local artist Bodge, supported by a small team of volunteers, is getting her paintbrush ready as we speak.

"We have permission to create a magnificent larger-than-life mural."

What the mural will actually look like has been left up to the donors' imagination for now, but the fundraiser had already gained £280 in a speedy eight hours so the transformation may come quickly.