A language campaigner who is refusing to pay a parking ticket because the company won't provide details in Welsh is due in court on Friday.

Toni Schiavone will appear in court in Aberystwyth again on Friday morning because the parking company, One Parking Solutions, is still yet to provide a Welsh-language parking fine.

Toni previously appeared in court in May this year and because he requested the case be conducted in Welsh, One Parking Solutions were mandated to translate all of their material, including the fine which was issued at Llangrannog car park, to Welsh.

One Parking Solutions failed to appear in the case in May, and the case was thrown out.

The case is now back in court.

Despite this, the company is still chasing the payment, but still refuses to provide Toni himself with a Welsh-language fine, and continues to communicate with him in English only.

Ahead of his court appearance, Toni Schiavone said: “It is very sad to see that the company One Parking Solutions refuses to provide their service through the medium of Welsh.

"The cost of holding this court case is a hundred times or more of the cost of providing a Welsh-language fine.

"According to the company, because I can speak English, there is no need for them to provide their service in Welsh. This attitude is completely unacceptable and goes against the rights of Welsh speakers.

“There are hundreds if not thousands of car parks in Wales that are the responsibility of private companies based in England. The campaign to ensure Welsh-language signage in these car parks continues but there is a need also to ensure a Welsh-language service.

"I will not be paying the fine until I receive communication through the medium of Welsh.”

In a similar case in Caernarfon recently, judge Mervyn Jones-Evans gave a verdict in favour of a defendant who refused to pay a parking fine that was served only in English, as monolingual notices are not sufficient to conform with schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. The judge also declared a judicial notice that signs in every car park in Wales should be bilingual.

Sian Howys, of Cymdeithas yr Iaith’s Welsh Language Rights groups, said in response: “It is the owners of the car parking company, and not Toni Schiavone, that should appear in court.

"Welsh is an official language in Wales and car parks that are controlled by public bodies provide Welsh services, while this private company insults the people of Wales.

“We call on Jeremy Miles to reconsider his standpoint on the matter and to act to ensure that companies such as One Parking Solutions that make a profit in Wales respect the Welsh Language by displaying signage, and providing paying options and every administration in Welsh.”

Cymdeithas intends to start a campaign to put pressure on private parking companies to put informational signs in their car parks in Welsh and to correspond with users in Welsh."