Further to your recent letter by Dr D Bryant, I would like to highlight further concerns on road safety on the A487 between Talybont and Tre-Taliesin and the surrounding environs.

I am a regular cyclist, motorist and pedestrian on this stretch of road and have had numerous incidents where I have feared for my, and my family’s safety.

On numerous occasions whilst cycling along this route I have been passed by motorists at very close proximity travelling at around 50mph because they have misjudged overtaking me before meeting oncoming traffic; through sheer ignorance; or lack of patience for cyclists. This is a deterrent to less confident cyclists who will not cycle this section of road after similar experiences.

The overtaking by drivers on the approaches to both Taliesin and Talybont is also a significant concern. A number of times I have been trying to cross the road at the bus stop at the south of Taliesin and have had overtaking motorists passing within three feet of me inside the 30mph zone heading south. It is only a matter of time before a pedestrian or car is involved a serious accident in this area.

The fundamental issue is the speed limit on this stretch of the A487. The topography of the road does not support a 60mph limit, which is reinforced by the requirement for ‘Araf/Slow’ markings in seven locations in this one-mile section of road. A speed limit of 40mph would be more sustainable and remove the safety concern of speeding vehicles entering and leaving the villages as it is patently obvious that the existing short 40mph buffer zones are ineffectual.

Numerous representations have been made by local communities with regard to the road safety issues in both villages to local and national government representatives which have been heard, but not acted upon leaving communities feeling very disenfranchised. It’s especially galling when we see the improvements being made in Bow Street.

The local and national governments are failing these communities in the provision of safe road infrastructure and in gaining access to Active Travel routes.

Innes Heron Pencae, Taliesin

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