Letter to the Editor: Jeremy Moore (Letters, Cambrian News, 1 March) accuses me of“half-truths and misinformation” regarding wind energy. Wrong, Mr Moore!Misinformation is your expertise!

I only deal in facts. The fact that 1,938,000 trees werefelled on Natural Resources Wales-managed land to build only four wind farmswas obtained under the Freedom of Information Act but it is only up to February2020!

Secondly, I am not a “partner” in any way of Dave Haskell.

Thirdly, there are around 37 million vehicles in the UK. If30 million are electric vehicles [EVs] similar to Nissan Leafs after 2030, theywill clearly need 150,000MW to be available in the national grid at any onetime, for a two- hour partial charge of 5kW to travel an average of 37.5 milesper day as long as heater, wipers, lights, air con and radio are all off.

Meanwhile, Gridwatch.co.uk tells us that UK wind energy, onland and sea, averaged 7600MW in 2021, with a miniscule 141MW under windlesshigh pressure.

The UK needs up to 50000MW in winter, purely for normal domesticand commercial needs — with trivial numbers of EVs in the UK. Therefore, after2030, the National Grid will need  200,000MW minimum — without evenconsidering the massive replacement of UK gas central heating — with these“magical” renewables.

These are not “half-truths”, they are facts.

So can the expert, somewhat arrogant, Jeremy Moore, pleaseexplain how renewables are going to generate all this mega-electricity?

Finally, are your thousands of Ceredigion readers aware thatWelsh Government has designated almost half of Ceredigion as a “pre-assessedwind energy area” suitable for hundreds of wind turbines that will be 720 and820 feet in height and visible from at least 30 miles? The Eiffel Tower is1,050 feet and the little Blackpool Tower is only 520 feet — and neither spinto my knowledge!

Wales uses less than 1600MW on average, whilst Pembroke CCGTgas-fired power station, which only opened in 2011, generates 2200MW in theextreme west of Wales. So, all Welsh wind-generated electricity is bound to besupplying the 57 million people of England where new wind farms are banned — toprotect English scenery and Conservative votes.

 How many more faces do you need Mr Moore?

L J Jenkins,