CALENDAR girls and boys in Borth have raised enough money to install a defibrillator in the village.

Last year, cold water swimmers, BADASS, made their own calendar to raise money and install a defibrillator outside Borth’s RNLI station.

The group hit their £1,000 target and the lifesaving equipment has now been installed.

One of the organisers, Ruth Jennison, said: “We did really well selling all our calendars and reached our target of £1000!

Borth defib
The calendar raised £1,000 to go towards a cabinet for the new defibrillator (BADASS)

“Big thanks to all who supported us especially Derek from Nisa who sold loads of our calendars for us!

"And to Borth 2030 who have helped us also.

“We were promised a Defibrillator from Save a life Cymru and have used our funds to buy an all weather cabinet for this from the Defibrillator store.

“The Borth RNLI have kindly set it up on the wall of the RNLI station , perfect position, and we had our grand opening recently.

“The Beti Badass Defibrillator is now up and running!

“Julie from save a life Cymru who brought our Defibrillator joined us Badasses for an ocean dip after presenting us with our Defibrillator and giving us some training.

“Hugh Hughes is our Defibrillator Guardian and it has been registered on the Ambulance circuit. We are hoping to get some more Defibrillator training organised in Borth.”