SINCE the coronavirus pandemic necessitated special measures for every local authority in the United Kingdom, the officials responsible for running Ceredigion seem to have forgotten that those powers were temporary.

To this publication and to the vast majority of residents of Ceredigion, it seems as if the officials who run the council believe that we are all beholden to them. We’re not.

‘Highhanded’ is one word that springs to mind. ‘Undemocratic’ is another.

Or, to put it in plain language that all can understand — the tail is wagging the dog.

This week’s Cambrian News carries a disturbing report that there was a mandatory meeting called by Chief Executive Officer Eifion Evans last week, on how councillors should contact staff.

Maybe if council staff were in their offices and at their desks, this wouldn’t be an issue.

They’re not. And won’t be anytime soon.

So yes, it is an issue for the democratically elected councillors to go about their work, solving the concerns of their constituents.

That’s the way things work everywhere else. Just not in Ceredigion.

There’s an issue when it comes to communication. And as things stand now, councillors have an issue with the electronic CLIC system in use by the county council. For councillors, it seems unfit for purpose

And for most people who need to contact Ceredigion officials, it doesn’t work either.

Maybe it would work better if staff were at desks? They’re not.

That mandatory meeting? Some councillors stayed away. That wasn’t necessarily helpful.

Those who were present said that they felt they had a dressing down from the headmaster. That hardly seems surprising, as both the CEO and his righthand man started off as teachers before landing on their feet at Aberaeron.

In case Mr Evans missed civics class, he serves at the will of council, and of the taxpayers and people of Ceredigion. All of Ceredigion — not just the seats in the south. All of it. Even D.O.T Aberystwyth. The cash cow. And it’s about time councillors — all of them — woke up to that fact.

Mr Evans talks about having an open-door policy. He well might have. But you need access to his corridor of power first.