Three sea creatures are helping Gwynedd Council to teach local children how best to safely enjoy the seashore.

Dewi the Dolphin, Seren the Starfish and Olwen the Octopus have been for a trip to some of the county’s primary schools to talk to the children.

During their visits to Ysgol Treferthyr in Criccieth; Ysgol Nefyn and Ysgol y Traeth in Barmouth, the three buddies listened to what the children enjoyed doing at the seaside and also talked to them about how to stay safe in the water and on the beach.

The children learned many things such including how dangerous tides and currents can be, that if a red flag is flying on the beach, it is too dangerous to get into the water and how it’s important to stay close to family or friends and not wander off by yourself.

They also learnt that if there are signs on the beach, they should make sure they, and the adults looking after them, read them, and if they see someone in trouble in the water to tell an adult, such as the person looking after them or a beach warden.

Barry Davies, Gwynedd Council maritime service manager, said: "I am extremely grateful for the wonderful welcome Dewi, Seren, Olwen and I received from all the children.

"Over the summer break, I’m sure most children will be going to the seaside, and of course many children from other areas will be coming here on holiday and visiting our beaches.

“There are two important things - firstly that the children have fun and enjoy all that our beautiful beaches have to offer; but secondly that they stay safe, and everyone goes home safely at the end of the day.

“I’m looking to Seren, Dewi and Olwen keeping me company around Gwynedd’s shore over the next few weeks.

"They will visit our most popular beaches to talk to more children and teach them how to stay safe. If children and parents see the buddies, don’t be shy, please come along and say hello and take a selfie.”

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During the sessions at the schools, the children were given the important job of naming the three sea creatures.

In return, they were given a sticker to remember the day and a postcard to remind them how to stay safe.

Dewi, Seren and Olwen will have more stickers and postcards to give to other children during their days on the county’s beaches.

Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet member for the economy, added: "Gwynedd’s beaches are wonderful places and we want everyone to enjoy themselves. But we want people to be aware of the dangers, especially as more of us spend our leisure time closer to home due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation.

“It is important not to let our guard down and always respect the sea and sand dunes.

"With the help of the beach buddies we will ensure this important message reaches as many families as possible in Gwynedd and beyond."A video of the beach buddies visiting Ysgol Treferthyr is available below.