PARENTS of children at a Machynlleth school are angry after a ‘vital’ breakfast club was pulled due to a ‘lack of demand.’

Town councillor Llinos Griffith and Powys county councillor Michael Williams say they have both heard from families who say they rely on the club for childcare and for breakfast for their children amid the cost-of-living crisis.

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen school’s primary campus did not restart the club in September despite receiving funding from the Welsh Government to run it for half an hour each morning – and to provide free breakfast to children.

Cllr Griffith says the matter is set to be discussed at the town council’s next meeting – and it has already written to the school to ask for the club to be reinstated following a vote.

“Apparently the school told parents that there was no interest in this when they did a survey,” she said.

“But parents are saying the school surveyed during lockdown when many of them were at home and some parents say they did not receive the letter.

“Having asked parents I found out that there is a significant demand for the breakfast club.

“Working parents at the moment are finding themselves late for work or not able to catch the bus intended.

“Interestingly enough, the school... emailed the town clerk on the Friday before the meeting.

“The school said it is not able to staff the breakfast club even after advertising for staff.

“The school also said they would be happy to consult with the parents again. But to date (three weeks later) they still haven’t done so.

“The breakfast club is a vital service for children and their families and there is funding for this.

“I believe that neighbouring schools are providing it.

“We are now approaching half term and there is still no sign of this being reinstated.”

The school’s headteacher Dafydd Jones said: “We are in the process of consulting with the parents about the future of the breakfast club.

“An online questionnaire has been sent to all parents on the primary campus which ends on Friday (25 November).

“When the results come in, we will keep you informed about our next step.”

A Powys County Council spokesperson said: “It is up to individual schools to decide whether they run a breakfast club or provide free breakfasts.

“There is statutory guidance from the Welsh Government about free breakfasts in primary schools which schools would need to follow.”