The Wildlife Trusts’ Welsh Beaver Project partnered with a consultancy company to teach primary school children about beavers.

They partnered with the business consultancy company Lafan Consulting to produce what they’ve called a ‘Beavers in Wales learning pack’ to be made available online in both Welsh and English for all primary schools across Wales.

Welsh Beaver Project officer Alicia Leow-Dyke said: “The toolkit has been designed and produced by an education consultant and it links in with the new curriculum in Wales. The Wildlife Trusts in Wales do a lot of work with schools and as the Welsh Beaver Project we had an opportunity to develop a learning resource on beavers.

Alicia also mentioned Welsh Beaver Project officers like herself also organise visits to primary schools, bringing their expertise to the classroom in person.

“We have also delivered free beaver outreach sessions to primary schools across Wales, and we are very happy for schools to contact us, if they would like us to visit,” she said.

Lafan Consulting education consultant Meinir Lloyd Jones designed and produced the learning packs.

Meinir said: “The ‘Beavers in Wales’ resource contributes to all six areas of learning and experience, and activities have been designed to support learners to foster a deeper understanding of their natural environment. Discover the remarkable behaviours and ecological significance of beavers in a meaningful and enjoyable way.”

The Beavers in Wales Learning Resource is now available for primary schools and educators as a free digital download from the Welsh Beaver Project website.

You can also contact the Welsh Beaver Project to organise a visit to your school by emailing [email protected]