The elderly and vulnerable of Lampeter could be left “isolated” and “without resources” if the plan to relocate the public library goes ahead.

Last month Ceredigion County Council announced its budget which includes savings of over £100,000 through cuts to the public library services across the county, including relocating Lampeter Library an eight-minute walk away into the town’s Wellbeing Centre.

The plans to relocate the building have gone down like a lead balloon with Lampeter Town Council against the plans.

Despite the promise of a public consultation in June, petitions have already made the rounds, collecting hundreds of signatures calling for the well-loved library to stay put in its current location near the town’s Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Lampeter county councillor, Ann Bowen Morgan, said: “This is one thing I fought against from the beginning. We’re not happy at all with the idea in Lampeter, people have contacted me and there are two petitions to fight the decision.

“The library is in the heart of the town with a large car park. People come to town to shop and go to the library. If it’s moved, fewer people will use it and people may be deterred from coming into town altogether.

“Moving it downhill to the Wellbeing Centre would make it difficult for those with accessibility needs to walk there and carry books back. The library itself would be halved in size. The current library is purpose-built and less than 30 years old. If the library is moved it’ll be another empty building.

“There are properties to lease already and not being taken up. I recognise that we need to make savings but I don’t see the savings as worth it.”

The current library had 33,000 books taken out in 2022/23 and offers a 10-computer IT suite for the public.

Shirley Hall, 76, is a Lampeter resident and long-term weekly library user for books and newspapers. She said: “I have a blockage in my arteries which would make it extremely difficult to get down to the Wellbeing Centre, which is too far.”

Town Mayor Rhys Bebb Jones wrote to the county council to express his “surprise, outrage and complete opposition” to the “foolish idea” to move the “priceless local community treasure”.

Sandra Jervis a local business owner and Lib Dem activist said: “The feelings against these proposals are very strong. No one can understand the logic behind moving the library, which is incredibly well-used.

“Users will be forced away from the centre of the town, which will further impact our high street detrimentally. And let's not gloss over the fact that anyone  with mobility issues will have to use a lift to access the library.” According to the council, the library relocation plan would “free up space” and provide a “continued sustainable library provision with reduced costs.” This comes as part of plans to halve the library vans from four to two and scrap the school library service, saving a total of £117,000.

Ceredigion County Council said: “These concerns should be raised during the public consultation on the plans which will be brought forward in due course.”