Into the Dark is a new book by the critically acclaimed Aberystwyth-based author and academic Jacqueline Yallop.

Out on Thursday, 9 November, Into the Dark is inspired by Jacqueline’s father’s dementia and his increasing anxiety about the dark. In the book Jacqueline re-examines her own relationship with darkness, drawing from studies and explorations throughout science, literature, art and psychology.

This is a book which addresses our primeval relationship to the dark. It puts us back in touch with the enigmatic force of darkness by discovering its power in the natural world, investigating its role in science, and exploring how artists and writers have imagined the dark.

Bringing a novelist’s eye to an everyday enigma, Into the Dark is a lively lyrical manifesto encouraging us to look again at the dark around us.

Jacqueline is the author of three critically acclaimed novels and three works of non-fiction.