Dr Simon ‘Sice’ Rowbottom, the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter with The Boo Radleys, is heading to Aberystwyth in September with his one-man show, The Secret of Happiness.

Dr Sice has been variously an internationally acclaimed pop star with The Boo Radleys, a heavily depressed burn-out, and a doctor of psychotherapeutic psychology working both in the NHS and in private practice, helping hundreds of clients over thousands of therapeutic hours.

These experiences have led to an astounding discovery. Over his lifetime he has thankfully seen mental health move from a shameful and niche topic to a ubiquitous topic across all media, but for many people, questions remain.

“What actually is mental health? What are we talking about when we use that term? How is it created and damaged? How can we ever be happy?”

In this show he will answer these questions, discuss many associated topics, play songs old and new, and will finally reveal the secret of happiness.

See the show at Arad Goch on Friday, 22 September.