The University of Wales Trinity Saint David will host a talk on the Lampeter campus to celebrate the World of the Welsh Bee during Sustainability Week.

The talk will be held today in Arts 1 at 2.30pm.

During the talk, attendees will be able to explore the origins of the Welsh honey bee, and the importance of a sustainable future for beekeeping.

Selwyn Runnett, a commercial beekeeper with apiaries situated in rural Wales is the keynote speaker for this event. He has extensive knowledge about honey bee conservation of the European Dark bee, beekeeping education and mentoring and honey production.

Selwyn is also chair of the Bee Improvement and Bee Association (BIBBA) Research, Science & Conversation Committee, which provides links between the extensive international research into honey bees, and management practices for both commercial and amateur beekeepers in the UK. He also runs conservation projects for the native British dark honey bee.

Looking forward to the event, Selwyn said: “As we all now increasingly understand the importance of sustainability in how we live our lives, we also need a much better understanding of local ecosystems.

“This includes thinking about our honey bees and other pollinators.

“Our indigenous Welsh honey bee is currently faced with genetic and environmental threats. Now is the time to conserve, value, and support the native honey bee together with encouraging our beekeepers to adopt a sustainable approach to their beekeeping.”

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