Ceredigion MP Ben Lake is calling for legislation to crack down on dangerous dogs.

Speaking at the Royal Welsh Show, the Plaid Cymru MP and agriculture spokesperson in Westminster urged the UK Government to crack down on “gruesome” dog attacks on livestock.

Mr Lake took part in a Farmers’ Union of Wales event on the showground entitled ‘Dog Attacks on Livestock: Where are We Now?’

Mr Lake has strongly criticised the UK Government for dropping plans for a bill that would have introduced greater protection for livestock from dangerous dogs.

The Kept Animals Bill would have also banned live exports, cracked down on puppy smuggling and put a ban on primates as pets. Last month, the Conservatives refused to revive the bill.

Mr Lake plans to introduce legislation for greater protections for livestock against dangerous dogs foll­owing the summer recess.

He said: “As an MP representing a rural area, I fully appreciate the devastating consequences of a dog attack on livestock.

“In recent weeks I have spoken to three farming families in Ceredigion who have suffered such gruesome attacks. They lost about 40 sheep and a dozen more are fighting for their lives. The pictures are heart-wrenching, and we cannot ignore how traumatic this must be for the animals.

“Farmers across Wales will have been disappointed that the Conservative government decided to withdraw the Kept Animals Bill at the last moment.

“Although the bill was not perfect – indeed I was a member of the Bill Committee and advocated for even stronger measures, such as requiring dogs to be on leads near livestock at all times – it was nevertheless a step in the right direction. It is therefore disheartening that the UK Government has left us with nothing.

“When Parliament returns in September, I will be supporting efforts to ensure that a bill is introduced to pass these protections and new powers into law.

“Police forces require greater powers to investigate instances of dog attacks effectively. It is hoped that if the police are empowered so that there are more successful prosecutions there will be a greater incentive for dog owners to ensure that their animals are under control.

“I am looking forward to speaking to people across Wales at the Show today about Plaid Cymru’s commitments to farmers and the wider agricultural sector, which is so important to our economy and society.”