Dramatic action shots show two angry birds locked in a Matrix-style mid air battle as they scrap over a birdfeeder.

The pair of bright yellow siskins locked claws as they fought over sunflower seeds at Bwlch Nant yr Arian near Aberystwyth.

Wildlife photographer Andrew Fusek-Peters, 57, managed to capture the spectacle unfold while he was sat on a bench outside the visitor centre.

He said the bright yellow woodland birds squared off as they tried to get to sunflower seeds which had been left out on a feeder next to the café.

Andrew says fighting siskins are rarely photographed due to the speed they move and he spent an hour taking more than 7,000 snaps to get the crystal-clear shots.

In the photographs, one siskin can be seen towering over the other as it opens its beak, bares its claws and spreads its wings to show dominance.

The beauty spot is famous for sightings of red kites but Andrew said he was more interested in the bird table battle which unfolded in front of him.

Andrew, of Lydbury North, Shrops, said: “Everyone goes to this visitor centre to take photos of the red kites.

"But I wasn’t interested in those when I saw the siskins crowding around the bird feeder and fighting.

“We have seen less siskins this winter and so when the opportunity arose to take these fighting photos, I couldn’t miss my chance.

“It was an awesome moment and showed the feisty siskins acting naturally in the wild.

“It took me an hour and 7,000 shots to get these four photos with their claws out, but it was worth it.

“They are beautifully in-focus and lovely photos, and I am very proud of these shots.

“Siskins aren’t rare birds but to take photos of a bird in flight mode let alone fight mode is very rare to do.

“The last time I was able to catch a photos of siskins fighting was three years ago which shows the skill and patience needed to get the shots.”