I attended Carers Rights Day Friday on 30 November which a friend of mine informed me of. I was extremely grateful, because this, for me, was a very well-organised and attended event. Congratulations to all those responsible for this day out. I think it deserves acknowledging in your paper.

I attended this and was overwhelmed by the sources of information that I gleaned from this day out. It was extremely well-organised and perfect for those people who offer so much in society, yet gain so little. The carers, who do a very important job in society yet ask for so little in return.

I was impressed with the venue too, the offer of warmth and hospitality was second to none. Everyone in that building was geared up to what a carer’s needs were. It was excellent.

I am a carer. I am an unpaid carer and for the first time I felt absolutely valued. I went in there and burst into tears. Have no idea why, other than the bag they gave me for free as I walked in through the door. I came out of there walking on air. I had so much information at my fingertips. So many possibilities, so much to gain and use in my daily 24/7 caring role. Everyone I met was totally tuned in to what I was experiencing as a carer. I thoroughly enjoyed my day out which was extremely difficult to arrange, but well worth the effort. I gained so much.

The icing on the cake for me was that I arrived home and my Mum, who is 99, had been out to Morrisons for her lunch and had bought me a thank you card for caring for her. She had written it herself, even though it was virtually illegible due to her failing eyesight. I cried for the second time that day.

My personal thanks to everyone who made this such a super informative day.

Yours etc,

Penelope Walford, Brynafan, Llanafan.

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