THE failure of the county council to level off sand and gravel on Aberystwyth’s north beach is putting properties at risk of flooding, according to a town councillor.

Cllr Mair Benjamin told the Cambrian News that she is concerned that the failure to re-level the sand and gravel on Aberystwyth’s north beach could lead to a heightened risk of flooding on the promenade.

Cllr Mair Benjamin said: “Many residents will recall that in the past when storms have washed sand and gravel across the Promenade and Marine Terrace, after a period of time, it has been transported back to the beach where a tractor or plough has relevelled the beach at the water’s edge.

“However, this year the gravel seems to have been dumped near the bandstand and their it has remained almost at the same level as the Prom.

“Yes, it has made it easier to access the beach, but there was a reason why the Prom is structured the way it is, so that it would break the impact of waves in stormy times."

She added: "I have taken some specialist advise and am told that much more flood damage can occur when a wave comes inland on a shallow sandy ramp, than when it hits a sea wall, like the Prom, where the energy dissipates upwards into the air. This is precisely the situation on part of the beach.

“At the very least, I would like to know why the County Council have not been proactive on this as they used to be. It was always odd to see a tractor or digger on the water’s edge, but that was done for a purpose."

Ceredigion County Council said that it was ‘aware of the situation’ but refused to tell the Cambrian News whether it was going to do anything about it, adding: “The council will respond directly to Aberystwyth Town Council when a query is made directly to the county council.”