Letter to the Editor: Over the last couple of weeks, I and so many other customers, have realised that there are now only two tills open for trolleys, whereas the self-service tills have been increased.

I have no issue with any customers who wish to use self-service, however the net result of only having two tills for those with trollies results in increasing traffic while awaiting to reach the cashier.On a recent Wednesday while I was queuing, for well over 10 minutes, the lines of trollies were either going down the aisles, or mostly blocking the area near to the newspaper stand, obviously then blocking access to the aisles for customers who were trying to move between the aisles to do their shopping.

The majority of those waiting were pensioners, myself included, as well as some with mobility issues e.g. walking sticks and disability buggies; the delay in being served more than usual could only add to their discomfort. How anyone could be expected to use the self-service with a trolley full of shopping is beyond me.I’m curious to know which ‘genius’ decided to make this alteration; I’m wondering if we customers are just a bit of a nuisance, forgetting that our custom keeps Sainsbury’s going.T

here are always plenty of assistants busy filling the shelves, so it can’t be that the store is short of staff.I must say that I have always found all the assistants are helpful, courteous, and pleasant, all credit to them.

Sue Underhill, Llanybydder

Editor’s note: Agree — the ‘genius’ likely has a Masters in Business Studies, and little practical knowledge. So much for shop floor experience.