Letter to the Editor: Nikky Govier accuses Extinction Rebellion of picking the wrong culprit for climate change (Letters, Cambrian News, 26 April), claiming that it is not the fossil fuel industry, but man’s weather manipulation. However, the research departments of the fossil fuel industries have known for decades about the environmental harm of their carbon emissions, and they could have pursued a green path long ago but preferred to take the cheaper and more profitable route of using the world as a rubbish bin.

As for disrupting the public with radical action, the recent demonstrations in London were entirely peaceful and the media duly ignored it.

Friends here in Wales said they saw nothing on the news, my national paper gave minimal coverage, and one could be forgiven for thinking that a D-notice was in force, as it was during uncontrolled European Union migration.

One poster depicted someone on a leafless tree, sawing through a branch — but sitting on the wrong side of the cut.I

thought of our politicians, in sway to the largesse of the lobbyists, greatly funded by the banks that finance the fossil fuel industry, and visualised their dismay as they fell with the branch and realised they had destroyed their children’s future.

Well, we ordinary people have children too, and when, after Peterloo, Shelley said, “Ye are many, they are few”, he was encouraging ordinary people to assert their numerical strength. Everyone I spoke to on the demonstrations are determined to persevere, regardless of ever more draconian Public Order Acts.

For increasing numbers of people ‘the penny has dropped’.

Roger Louvet, Porthmadog

Editor’s note: What will it take for people to wake up to the dangers and realities of climate change? Mother Nature has a way of biting us all for the damage we’ve caused.