After two years of dictating the local governance of Ceredigion, the rule of Gold Command has come to an end.

What took so long?

Quite frankly, the process of the unelected — and highly overpaid — council heads running the affairs of Ceredigion for at least six months longer than they should, was an affront to the taxpayers of the county.

While the process was needed when the four nations of this United Kingdom were in the darkest days of the conoravirus pandemic and local decisions on the health and safety of the people of Ceredigion was swiftly required, we have long emerged from those lockdowns.

But the officials at Ceredigion still kept their hold on power. And it is the people of Ceredigion who have paid a dear price indeed.

That a majority of the elected council abrogratred their democractic responsibilities in handing over power to these autocrats for so long speaks volumes.

Four years ago, when these councillors took office, they did so with a responsibility to look after the taxpayers of the county. They failed in that primary duty.

While no one could have predicted the events that would unfold globally over these past two years, no one could surely have predicted either that those who were elected to the council chamber would prove to be mostly spineless.

For months now, instead of councillors, there have been collaborators, working with Gold Command without proper recourse to their duties of office or without regard for those who voted them into office.

Perhaps this gold-plated saga should serve as a reminder of the importance of local government, and making sure that those we elect are of sufficient moral fibre to do what is necessary rather than what is mandated by blind allegiance to party politics and other loyalties.

When you have trouble parking your car on the streets of Ceredigion’s towns, remember that it was Gold Command — and those compliant with its autocratic whims — that are to blame.

When you question the level of service provided by Ceredigion, remember those who let Gold Command carry on for so long.

And when you have difficulty paying your council taxes, remember that the starting salary of a council department head is roughly three times the average wage in the county.