Dwyfor Meirionnydd MP, Liz Saville Roberts, has today (Wednesday, 24 May) urged the UK Government to do more to tackle food inflation. 

Ms Saville Roberts accused the government of allowing a 'greedflation' crisis to worsen, as supermarket continue to make sky-high profits.

During Welsh Questions with the Secretary of State for Wales, David TC Davies MP, Ms Saville Roberts pointed out that European governments are taking more action to address the significant increase in food prices, while the UK government is falling behind.

France has negotiated an agreement with supermarkets, ensuring a range of items are offered at the lowest possible prices. Spain, along with several other countries, has reduced the value added tax (VAT) on food.

Countries in central Europe, such as Hungary and Croatia have implemented measures to limit the cost of essential goods, aimed at protecting the most vulnerable households.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Liz Saville Roberts MP said: "Food inflation remains above 19 per cent - and it hits the poorest hardest, with the Trussell Trust warning that the past year saw a record 185,000 food parcels provided in Wales.

"Meanwhile supermarkets continue to make record-breaking profits - many speak of a 'greedflation' crisis.

"European governments have negotiated with supermarkets to cap food prices. Why won’t his government do this too?"

The Secretary of State responded that the government said that “in addition to the pensions and benefits rising with inflation, there are payments of £900 to those on benefits, £300 to pensions, £150 to those in households with disabilities”.

Ms Saville Roberts MP added: "The Tories are completely out of touch and have no understanding of the burden imposed by skyrocketing food prices on households.

"Supermarkets are continuing to make sky-high profits, yet they are permitted to charge exorbitant prices for essential goods.

"While other European countries are actively addressing food inflation and exploitative pricing, UK government ministers are sitting on their hands.

"The UK government must urgently take decisive action to ensure that inflation is not exploited by supermarkets as an excuse for excessive profiteering."