THE governors of Ysgol Abersoch have resigned saying they will not do the council’s ‘dirty work’ by making staff redundant.

Governors of the school, which is being forced to close at the end of the year, have written to Gwynedd Council to inform them.

The letter says: “At the Ysgol Abersoch Board of Governor’s meeting held 25 November it was decided that since we overwhelmingly object to the closure of the school, we have a conflict of interest when it comes to the fulfilling the requirement put upon us to terminate the employment of the school staff.

“Consequently, seven independent voluntary governors have resigned since they feel it is untenable to continue in role given that it is Gwynedd Council’s decision to close the school, and the responsibility for terminating staff employment should be handled by the council. We will not do their dirty work for them. We are being asked to follow a process that is not fit for purpose, where we are being pressurised to respond within a limited time frame and intimidated by a threat of being labelled as a school where there is a breakdown in the way it is governed according to the Statutory Guidance for Schools and Local Authorities Welsh Government Document (202/2016).

“This does not reflect the many years of commitment, effort and dedication to being the best version of a governing body that we have worked towards. It is the final insult given the total absence of any communication or engagement from the Education Department to the parents, staff and governors of Ysgol Abersoch, beyond the issue of statutory notices during the consultation period.

“It is a source of profound sadness and regret that despite our very best efforts, we have not been able to secure the future of Ysgol Abersoch. We are both furious and devastated that the council see fit to close any school part way through an academic year and in particular at Christmas.

“However, let there be no doubt that as long as the school remains open, as individuals and Friends of Ysgol Abersoch, we will continue to fully support the staff, parents and children of this wonderful school at the heart of our community.”

A Gwynedd Council spokesperson said: “Considering the future of any school is a difficult decision. However, the council as an education authority has a duty to ensure that we provide the best possible education and experiences as well as the best learning environment for all the children of the county.

“Having consulted on the future of Ysgol Abersoch, a decision has been taken to close Ysgol Abersoch on 31 December and to offer pupils places at nearby Ysgol Sarn Bach.

“We have recently received correspondence from Ysgol Abersoch’s governing body to inform of that seven members have resigned. In the meantime, we thank them for their work and dedication to Ysgol Abersoch and the pupil’s education over the years.”

The decision to close the school was taken because of low pupils numbers.