HAVE YOUR SAY: Your views on Universal Credit

What readers had to say on the cost of living squeeze and its impact on those who receive universal credit

Friday 17th June 2022 12:01 pm
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EMBARGOED TO 0001 THURSDAY JANUARY 13 File photo dated 06/10/21 of a Universal Credit sign on a door of a job centre plus. The Government should allow more than 100,000 disabled and ill people to seek compensation after a "blunder" saw their benefits mistakenly cut, an ombudsman has warned.
Your views on Universal Credit (PA )

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Keith Jones: People running companies should pay their staff a decent wage, it would alleviate the Government providing top up money whilst allowing them to make bigger profits. For instance how can staff for Richard Branson, he is not only one, be on universal credits and use food banks whilst he makes millions. It is so wrong.

Damian Raghoobar: Plenty of jobs around for those fit and able to work.

Jodie Leigh: Ask the government to live off Universal Credit for onemonth and see if they can!!!

Ciaran Neill: What’s classy if your rich but frowned upon if you’re poor? Accepting money off the government.

Hannah Deacon: As a single mum working and not entitled to a penny I would love to speak to you. I work all day, go home feed my kids and then go back to work in the evening quiet often. By the time I’m home my kids are in bed half the time. Yes I pay my bills, put food on the table but not much more. It’s tough on everyone!

Susan Dixon: Oh that has brought the “get a job” and racists out of the closet. People end up on Universal Credit because of zero hours low paid jobs. Telling them they are lazy is completely unproductive

Dafydd Jones: “Cost of lockdown crisis”.

Amanda Jones: There just isn’t enough infrastructure in rural areas, and their won’t be investment as long as there is no infrastructure. It is an ever decreasing circle. The people who move to poor rural areas are generally retired people who don’t need to work. Of course they spend their pensions and other money locally, and I have no problem with it, but if there is no infrastructure it leaves areas flat, with no sociatal motivation. These benefits are a ‘one size fits all’, which is completely wrong. People who think it is cheaper to live in rural areas are wrong. We have further to travel to get everything, have to rely on a virtually non existant public transport service and still have the same prices of food in the shops, when they can get to them. If people can’t drive, or if they can and can’t afford a car, they have to pay high local prices. Lidl and cheap supermarkets are all good and well but how can a person, especially if disabled in any way, carry that kind of shopping onto public transport and then home. It means small amounts and multiple trips. Or relying on constant help from family and neighbours. Any benefit designed in this way is, as usual, restrictive for the sociataly marginalised

John Clarke: If anyone thinks that being on Universal Credit is living the life of Riley then think again and would advise that anyone thinking of switching to Universal Credit not to do it as you will ultimately be worse off. And before any of those that think that people that are benefits are free loader. Yes there are some people that could work but choose not to. But then there are those that are on benefits that are genuine. And yes my family and I are on Universal Credit before any one wants to slate me if you want but you don’t now our reason why and any of you that want to have a go at us bring it on because I relish a debate that you won’t win with us

Dai Shumi: Loads of jobs available no need for laziness.

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