The Cambrian News reported on the problems of two overcrowded schools and the difficulties this presents to Ceredigion’s “cash-strapped” council.

The primary schools of Llanilar and Comins Coch appear to require extensions to meet higher pupil numbers. School halls, a staff room, and even corridors are used as classrooms.

I found this ironic, given that Llanilar school, for sure, has increased numbers due, partly, to the closure of its counterpart in Llanafan – a fine school which, like so many others now gone, contributed to the central character of the village and the school’s more localised catchment area.

Can it be that, in order to cut costs when closing down various schools across Ceredigion, the council has ended up with an unworkable consequence, one that was perhaps predictable?

I would not care to suggest where the root of this problem lies, as councils across Britain are subject to austerity measures that originate from central government. However, the irony remains that saving money could cost a whole lot more.

Yours etc,

Peter Davey, Pontrhydygroes, Ystrad Meurig.

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