Letter to the Editor: I see from online reports that there are possible plans to relocate some of the feral Kashmiri goats of the Great Orme, or Pen y Gogarth overlooking Llandudno.

It appears there is a ‘Feral Goats Management Plan’ being prepared by Conwy Council, Mostyn Estates and Natural Resources Wales.

Maybe they should get in touch with the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales who own the nature reserve of Cardigan Island, at the mouth of the River Teifi estuary at Gwbert, three miles from Cardigan town. They may take a flock

.Cardigan Island is a flattish or gently sloping, grassy island of 38 acres. For decades after the 1950s, it was home to a flock of wild Soay sheep, originally from the Hebrides. There have been no sheep there for several years now, so the only inhabitants are sea-birds.I

t would be lovely to see puffins back there too.There is therefore an abundance of pretty good grazing on the island, which supported summer grazing of cattle prior to the 1950s.

Cardigan Island is about 200 metres offshore of our popular tourist attraction, Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park where visitors come to view grey seals and dolphins in the wild, as well as feeding farm animals.

I would consider taking some of the goats myself. However, I would guess that they would easily jump our farm fencing and cause problems.

Lyn Jenkins, Gwbert, Cardigan

Editor's note: You never miss a chance for some self-promotion there, Lyn!