Letter to the Editor: I was initially very sceptical about climate engineering until I started looking skywards and observed the number of aircraft above us.

On days where the sky remains clear there are very few, flying in many directions, and the condensation disappears immediately.

When the trails do not evaporate but disperse into a film of thin cloud, there are many planes heading in a broadly northerly direction, destination Scotland or Greenland perhaps? (Picture above supplied by letter writer)

High altitude cirrhotic thinning and stratospheric aerosol injection, also referred to as solar dimming or sun radiation management, may merely  reflect sunlight, or cause significant unknown consequences.

This technology is not new, in 1971 the US Army unleashed Operation Popeye on Vietnam to prolong and intensify the rainy season, in 2008, China admitted to cloud seeding to guarantee good weather for the Beijing Olympics.

Now decades later who knows what is possible with patented advances in weather manipulation.

All I know is what I see above my home is very strange and I enclose photographs showing the chemtrails eventually blocking the sunshine that I hope you will print.

Your comments to the writer who doubted the science of climate change (Nikky Govier, Letters, Cambrian News) showed astounding bad manners, and a staggering lack of investigative journalism.

J Hughes, Lampeter

Editor’s note: Looks like high-altitude air traffic corridors to me. Destination Cloud Cuckoo Land.