Residents of Maenygroes, near New Quay, say they are becoming increasingly concerned about the speed of traffic through their village.

They claim that the 40mph zone is ignored by nearly all drivers and that there is the potential for a serious accident.

“Age and gender is across all vehicles and, as this is the ‘closed season’, it is local drivers,” one local, who declined to be named, told the Cambrian News.

“The road is fairly straight through Maenygroes and these local drivers seem to treat it as a race track.

“I have raised this issue twice with Ceredigion County Council and received ‘brush off’ replies – sooner or later there will be a serious accident.

“I and my neighbours can only estimate the speeds, but in our view the average speed of traffic through the village is in the region of 55-60mph and frequently much higher.

“I have observed cars overtaking in this 40mph restricted zone right outside my house – you see them come hurtling through.

“What we would like are solar-powered signs warning drivers of their speeds – we can’t have speed bumps put in because it’s a 40mph zone.

“Further up the road there are speed bumps outside Ysgol Bro Sion Cwilt, but the limit is only 30mph there.”

In a letter to a resident, a Ceredigion County Council highways officer said that no alteration to existing arrangements on the A486 had arisen during a recent review of speed limits and advised villagers to raise the matter with police.

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