Ceredigion MS Elin Jones has presented Ceredigion County Council with a report highlighting areas in Ceredigion where communities want to see changes made to the 20mph speed limits.

Earlier this year, Ms Jones asked all Community Councils in Ceredigion to respond to a questionnaire on the impact of the 20mph speed limit change on their community after the introduction of the policy caused a large public backlash.

While the policy is now under review by the Welsh Government following a campaign which included a near 500,000 signature petition against the move, Ms Jones presented a report on her survey findings to the county council “in the hope that it can be used to inform the official review of the recent changes to speed limits across Ceredigion.”

The survey asked Community Councils to respond to three main questions, including whether they considered any roads in their community should be changed from 20mph back to 30mph.

“The feedback in the report suggests that only small changes are needed in certain areas within the county, according to our community councils, and the majority of communities are grateful for the reduction to speed limits, which is improving safety in our county,” the report said.

No major changes were sought in larger villages and towns, however a few were noted in some of the county’s more rural villages.

Suggestions were made to adjust the exact start and end points of the 20mph in Beulah, Cribyn, Llangwyryfon, Pontrhydfendigaid, Bronant, Llangrannog, Brongest, Coedybryn and Rhydlewis; and in Ciliau Aeron it was suggested that the 20mph could be extended.

Ms Jones said the report “notes some very valuable suggestions that come directly from our communities, and I hope that the County Council can use this information in its discussions on any changes to the 20mph speed limits, as it undertakes the formal review with the Welsh Government.”

“I’m also hoping that every opportunity will be taken so that Ceredigion can benefit from additional financial support announced by the new Transport Minister, Ken Skates MS for any changes to be made.

“Some comments made by the Community Councils also go beyond the change from 30mph to 20mph, identifying areas where small changes can be made to improve road safety further.

“I will be following the review in Ceredigion with some interest, and will be seeking further discussions with the relevant authorities on other issues highlighted by the report.”