Letter to the Editor: Wind farms by their very nature have a limited life-span of between 25 and 30 years. This begs the question of who will be paying for the safe disposal of both onshore and offshore wind farms in the near future.

Will offshore wind farms be left to rot becoming no-go zones for both shipping and fishing - what are the plans to dispose of numerous onshore wind generating monstrosities - are the blades and towers to be buried in the ground?

To acerbate this nightmare scenario are the ‘greens’ expecting wind farms to be eventually replaced by more monstrous generators further compounding the problem! It does not require that much imagination to realise who will be picking up the price tag, which no doubt will be reflected in everyone’s power bills.

Perhaps your local political representative, if asked about aging wind farms, will offer an acceptable and meaningful solution – but don’t hold your breath!

Dave Haskell,