Patients should be warned over parking fees

Tuesday 22nd October 2019 4:00 am

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It is with great pains I write only to agree with the letter published in 10 October editions of the Cambrian News, ‘Shameful how we treat our elderly’.

There is no understanding of elderly problems, only the response “They are doing their jobs”. But I write to you with a warning, which is to those with sight problems in the first instance.

An elderly gentleman who is physically fit but needed a cataract operation on one of his eyes had to go to North Road Eye Hospital in Aberystwyth for an appointment to be tested. He was given an appointment to arrive at 9am and travelled from Llanarth to get there, which meant he had to set off at 7.45am for the 20-mile journey.

He didn’t arrive until 9.10am because of the morning traffic coming into Aberystwyth. This was compounded when the receptionist informed my friend that there was no appointment for him on her list but this was changed after his pleading and the lady going off to consult with someone - with an appointment and test being made available.

However, after having his eye test he came out into the car park, where he had parked his car in the “Blue Badge” area with his card on show, to find he had a parking ticket for £50. On querying with reception he was informed that a parking company has leased the once-free car park. He was advised to write to the company and explain his situation and that it was his first visit there since the company had taken over the car park.

Where is the duty of concern for the elderly? Surely the health board, which knew of the car park’s new regulations, should warn all patients that the car park is not free in their appointment letter or have a notice informing people at reception, telling them they must pay.

Government agencies and their contractors are only interested in devising systems that do not work for the public, whom they are employed to serve. “Not fit for service!”

Yours etc, Mohammad Tahla, Llanarth.

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