A petition has been launched to save a household waste and recycling centre in Llanarth that is an “integral part of the community” after it was earmarked for closure in a bid to save Ceredigion council £100,000 a year.

Plans were signed off on 29 February by full council members as part of the county’s 2024/25 budget to explore the closure of one of Ceredigion’s four waste management sites, and reduce the opening hours at the remaining three.

Which of the sites - in Aberystwyth, Lampeter, Llanarth and Cardigan - will close was not disclosed in budget documents which went before members, but it later emerged that the Llanarth Household Waste Recycling Centre in Rhydeinon is favoured for closure.

A petition has now been launched on change.org by Llanarth resident Suzanne Charlesworth which has already amassed hundreds of signature.

She said: “I am deeply concerned about the proposed closure of our local recycling centre.

“This facility is not just a place for waste disposal; it is an integral part of our community that provides jobs and helps maintain our rural environment. #

“The importance of recycling centres in rural communities cannot be overstated.

“They offer a reliable solution for waste disposal, reducing instances of fly-tipping which pose severe threats to wildlife and the environment while also costing councils significant amounts to clear up.

“In Llanarth, council collections have been reduced to once a month for household waste in most instances.

“This makes our local recycling centre even more essential as it remains the only viable option for waste disposal in our area.

“The nearest alternative is a 40-minute drive away - an impractical solution for many residents.

“The decision to close this vital facility should not be taken lightly or without consultation with those who will feel its loss most acutely – us, the residents of Llanarth and the surrounding area.”

The planned closure of the Llanarth waste site and reduced hours at the remaining sites will be subject to consultation.

A report into the household waste sites said that “Ceredigion’s current provision is unsustainable and unaffordable moving forward.”