The night sky once again glowed over the weekend as the Northern Lights were visible across most of Wales.

Where the skies were clear, people were able to point their cameras into the darkness and capture the Aurora Borealis from Ceredigion - as the stunning images in the video above from Cambrian News readers show.

There is a chance that the Aurora Borealis will once again be visible from as far south as Ceredigion tonight.

The Northern Lights appear as large areas of colour including pale green, pink, shades of red, yellow, blue and violet in the direction due north.

During a weak aurora, the colours are very faint and spread out whereas an intense aurora features greater numbers of and brighter colours which can be seen higher in the sky with a distinct arc.

The northern lights are best seen in darkness, away from any light pollution, making the Cambrian Mountains and Eryri ideal locations.

The lights generally extend from 50 miles to as high as 400 miles above the Earth's surface.

Although rare this far south, as the sun reaches its solar maximum between January and October 2024, the frequency of Aurora Borealis being seen across Wales will increase.

This is why the Cambrian Mountains Initiative is setting up a WhatsApp alert group to inform residents, tourism business owners and visitors of aurora forecasts in the coming year.

Share your images with us if you manage to catch a glimpse of the astral display.