JUST weeks after a controversial planning application was rejected by councillors, windfarm developers Bute Energy is having another tilt at building a weather mast near Glaslyn Nature Reserve.

A fresh planning application has been submitted by Esgair Galed Energy Park Limited which is the development vehicle for Bute Energy, who specialise in developing wind and solar energy parks, at the site which is 3.8 kilometres west of Staylittle.

The meteorological mast which would be a maximum 122.5 metres tall is the precursor to a potential development of 220 metre high wind turbines earmarked for the area in a wind farm called Esgair Galed Energy Park.

Resident from nearby Dylife, Staylittle and Llwynygog have started to campaign against the windfarm proposal and 85 objections were lodged against the first weather mast application.

Agent Carney Sweeney said: “The mast will gather a range of meteorological data during the 36-month period as part of the overall feasibility assessment for a future wind farm proposal.

“There is no concrete required for this development.

“The mast structure is constructed from aluminium and held in place by steel guy wires connected to steel anchor rods.”

The mast is needed  “in order to obtain a precise understanding of wind speeds in the region, the equipment will collect a large number of meteorological data on an ongoing basis,” Ms Sweeney said, adding: “the proposed development is not considered to have a significant impact on environmental, social, or economic factors.”

At a planning committee meeting in March, Powys councillors rejected the first version of the application, against planning officers’ advice, who recommended the application should be approved.

Bute Energy had said that they would appeal against this decision.

A decision is expected on the new application by 11 June.

The Esgair Galed Windfarm wind turbine scheme, which was revealed in January would roughly be situated, northwest of Llanidloes, southeast of Machynlleth and south of Llanbrynmair.

Any future wind turbine planning application would be deemed a Development of National Significance (DNS) and would be processed by Welsh Government planning inspectors at Planning and Environment Decisions Wales (PEDW).