Concerns have been raised that a proposed extension to Cardigan’s wastewater treatment works will have an “extreme” impact on neighbouring homes.

Dŵr Cymru is seeking permission from Ceredigion county planners for an extension to its existing works, on open pasture land at Netpool Road as part of a £20 million improvement plan.

It has said the works will reduce the amount of pollution in the Teifi, as well as helping address a long-standing planning issue in the county.

A supporting statement, by agent Ove Arup and Partners Limited (Arup) says Cardigan wastewater treatment works (WwTW) currently sees seawater entering the site from the tidal Afon Teifi, especially during spring high tides.

It says the expansion would reduce spills of untreated effluent, improving water quality in the long-term.

It adds: “The proposed development would contribute to the protection of the environment from the adverse effects of untreated urban wastewater from entering into the Afon Teifi and meet environmental standards set out by the regulator.”

However, concerns have been raised about the scheme, saying there will be an impact on neighbouring homes, and the site is unsafe.

Commenting on the application, Rose Barter said: “I am making a representation on behalf of the four dwellings surrounding this site. We consider that the impact to the residents of these dwellings will be extreme, particularly during the building phase of work.

“We also believe that the plan for access to the site is untenable and would like to suggest an alternative route to the site and an alternative site (on the opposite side of the existing works) which will not impact on residents in any way.

“The current transport path, once it leaves the bypass will include a very dangerous right turn. A second dangerous turn to enter Greenfield Road.

“Finally, straight through a park, constantly in use by families and people walking their dogs.

“We all feel that this route is not safe and if an alternative site were used an alternative route avoiding all of these hazards could be found.”

The application will be considered by planners at a later date.