Plans for major works to fix the car park at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth have been approved by Ceredigion council planners after “constant complaints” from visitors that the current layout is “confusing” and concerns the area is in a “poor state of repair”.

The scheme will see the car park at the Library resurfaced, new car park line markings, directional road markings to reinforce one way system, and new signage.

It will also be given new lighting and additional drainage.

The car park will also be extended to include a central walkway “to improve car park safety.”

In supporting planning documents the National Library of Wales said: “The car park is currently in a poor state of repair.

“The tarmac has been patch repaired on numerous occasions as works have been undertaken, and due to the variation in levels this has had a detrimental effect on the drainage.

“There are significant areas of ponding water when it rains.

“There are also areas of the car park which are not adequately served by drainage gullies.

“The markings for the car park spaces are confusing with areas of cross hatching not relating to the current car park layout.

“Car park users are constantly complaining that the layout is confusing and that the traffic directions and signage is poor.

“The lighting within the car park is also poor and inconsistent.”

The current car park “does not compliment the craftsmanship and quality of the original library building”, documents said, and the result of numerous repairs has left “an untidy patchwork of different types of tarmac varying in level which provides numerous trip hazards and results in a significant effect on the free flowing drainage of the car park.”

“The car park has now become a major supporting facility for the library which relies increasingly on access by car and is important to the smooth running of the additional services that the library now offers to the community and the general public,” documents added.

The plans were approved subject to conditions by planning officers under delegated powers last week.