A scheme to site a beauty therapy business in a storage container unit on a Cardigan industrial estate has been submitted to county planners.

The application, by Mark Jukes, seeks to use a storage container for the beauty therapy business for hi daughter at Parc Piliau, Pentood Industrial Estate.

Mr Jukes already runs an established container business at the site, and seeks permission to use a container as a dummy-run for the business his daughter wants to start.

A complication for the plans is the site is currently designated for industrial use and storage.

A supporting statement says: “The proposal is to provide a storage unit-type building above existing storage containers and next to the existing site office to provide a beauty salon facility.

“The issue of principle of this application rests with the justification to site such business at this site. This site is allocated for B1, B2 and B8 use, and a beauty therapy business does not fit neatly into any use class and therefore, would be classed as a suis generis use class.

“This site has been chosen to run the business as a test facility to get a feel for the demand for such services in the area.”