An application for a new building at a university-owned agricultural research facility in Ceredigion was unanimously backed by county planners at their December meeting.

Andrew Thomas of Aberystwyth University had applied for permission to demolish existing dilapidated buildings and structures, and a new replacement steel-framed building at Pwllpeiran Farm, Cwmystwyth, near Aberystwyth.

The application was presented to the committee as the proposal constituted a ‘major’ development, in that the size of the building was larger than 1,000 square metres.

A report for planners stated: “The application site refers to the existing research facility at Pwllpeiran which forms part of the larger site owned and managed by Aberystwyth University.

The application site comprises of five total steel frame buildings located to the southern most part of the holding.”

It added: “The proposed building will harmonise seamlessly to the context of its surrounding and would not give rise to any detrimental effect to the character of the area, nor any effect the nearby Elenydd-Mallaen Special Protection Area or other designated areas.”

The application was recommended for approval at the planning committee meeting, where members were told the proposal would help the agricultural research facility to remain “industry-leading”.

Cllr Chris James said: “I’m just glad the university are willing to invest and keep their facilities at the forefront of technology”.

The application was unanimously backed by committee members.