A Gwynedd councillor who spoke against plans to extend a second home in Aberdaron says his concerns have led to him being “unfairly accused of racism”.

Cllr Gareth Williams says issues he raised over plans for a garage extension at a house called Pelydryn were reported in the press in July and led to him receiving “unfair accusations” on social media. He argued that accepting the application could “open the floodgates” to similar “unnecessary” schemes detrimental” to the character of Aberdaron. The proposal was discussed at Gwynedd Council’s latest planning meeting on Monday, 9 September, and on 4 July, when a decision was deferred pending a site visit – which was held last week. This time the committee approved the proposal to erect a single-storey extension at the front of a bungalow beside the B4413.

Cllr Williams said the extension was a potential “eysore”, industrial in size and detrimental to the amenities and the character of neighbouring homes. But council officers recommended the extension saying it was a “household application” for a “small extension”.

Cllr Williams told Monday’s meeting “nothing has changed in my opinion” and raised the same objections. He also told said an “article resulted in me being accused of being racist and having a personal agenda as the councillor for the area”. “There were many other accusations on social media.

“This was totally unfair and inaccurate. The reason I refer to this being a second home which is empty most of the year was to highlight there is no real need to extend this garage.

“It will have so much impact on the amenity of the neighbours who are there all the year.”

The plans include extending the existing garage 1.5m forward.

According to council officers, the design and proposed materials are “acceptable” and “would not impair the character and appearance of the area”.

Officer Kiara Ann Sweeny said: “It’s not considered the development would be harmful to amenities of nearby residents or on the street scape, therefore the recommendation remains to approve with conditions.”

Cllr Gruff Williams proposed a vote to refuse the application, a move seconded by Cllr Louise Hughes. Cllr Ann Lloyd Jones said: “I fear that we have to go with the recommendation in the report.”

She proposed accepting the officers recommendations and Cllr Hugh Wyn Jones seconded. Eight people voted in favour of the officers’ recommendations and five against.