THE decision to remove a recycling bank from Machynlleth has been branded ‘appalling’.

Powys Council says it is ‘streamlining’ recycling services in the county and will remove glass and paper recycling facilities in Maengwyn Street car park in the beginning of October.

Machynlleth county councillor, Michael Williams, has described the move as appalling.

He told the Cambrian News: “This decision is not only detrimental to the people of Machynlleth, but also to the Dyfi Valley as a whole.

“When they closed Potters Yard, assurances were given that a collection service would still take place in the town, but that stopped after a couple of years.

“The county keeps taking services away from Machynlleth.

“I find the rational impossible to understand: the county council is forever urging residents to recycle but is now set to take away a facility that is very well used.”

Powys County Council closed the popular Potters Yard in Machynlleth in January 2015 after arguing that at £230,000 to £430,000 a year, it was “too expensive” to run, leaving residents unhappy about having to travel to Aberystwyth to reach their nearest centre.

Explaining its decision to remove recycling facilities from Maengwyn Street car park, the council said: “When the community recycling sites were first introduced, they provided Powys people with a way to recycle household items locally. “However, with the weekly kerbside recycling service now available for all properties, both glass and paper can now be easily recycled from home. “Recycling banks for other materials, such as cardboard or textiles, will remain at the community recycling sites.”

Cllr Jackie Charlton, Cabinet Member for a Greener Powys, added: “Although initially identified as a budget saving, it is also a duplication of service, the removal therefore allows us to concentrate our stretched resources on fulfilling the weekly kerbside collections.

“We appreciate there are some regular users of the glass and paper recycling banks, but now that these items can easily be recycled each week from home, the removal of these banks from the community recycling sites shouldn’t be an issue.

“If anyone is struggling to fit all their recycling into their kerbside containers, they can request additional boxes online.”

The removal of these banks ensures they can no longer be ‘abused’ by fly-tippers and used illegally by businesses, both of which have been a ‘huge waste of resources and taxpayers’ money’, according to Powys Council.